Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tulips and More Tulips

The Monday after Easter was our last day in Amsterdam. Our flight wasn't until 8 that evening so we had plenty of time left to explore Keukenhof, the tulip and flower park. There was a direct shuttle from the airport to the park so we put our luggage in a storage locker and hopped on the bus.

Keukenhof is only open during 2 months of the year, from March to May. We just couldn't leave Amsterdam without a visit. And I'm glad we did. Even though we were a little early in the season, and it could be considered a bit overpriced, and it seemed very commercialized and touristy, it was still gorgeous and amazing, beautiful and breathtaking. It was definitely the largest display of tulips and flowers that I've seen. There were a few indoor displays as well, the buildings or houses were named after royalty. Each one featured different types of flowers in the most beautiful arrangements. There was a tulip house, an orchid house, and finally a rose house. Certainly my photos do not capture the magnificence or the colors. There are professional photos on their website which do a better job and are at a later time in the season when the park has richer and fuller blooms.