Monday, April 12, 2010

Looks Like Rain

For Easter weekend, Michael and I returned to the newest place on our favorites list - Amsterdam.  You may be thinking "What?  Didn't they go to Amsterdam over Thanksgiving?" If so, you're correct.  We did, but the weather was honestly the worst I've ever had on a vacation.  Cold. Windy. Rainy.  All day. Every day.   You couldn't stop to enjoy the canal views with their adorable row houses because you had your head ducked and tucked under an umbrella hustling to the next place of cover.  Luckily, the companionship of our good friends saved that trip. 

This most recent visit, we were blessed with one day of perfect weather- bright and sunny with blue skies.  Two of the other days had intermittent rain and the last day was mostly cloudy but stayed fairly dry.  We attempted to match our indoor-outdoor cycle with the rain but always seem to fail.  Inevitably, we'd be caught in a downpour trying to decide which bar or cafe looked worthy for a stop.  While enjoying our drink-break away from the elements, the rain would cease and we would be inside when we should have been out enjoying the short glimpse of dryness.   I've come to learn that rain is just part of the Amsterdam package (for us at least).  And, it's best to just "go with the (rain) flow."  Well, enough talk about the weather...

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